Thursday, 29 September 2016

Surgical Strike !

There is no justification of terror. Those People ( Pakistanis / Palestinian) who murder innocent humans do not want to add state, they want to destroy one. The befitting reply is needed.

Those who say that war is not the solution must at first know what war is. Here is a glimpse to build the definition -
Killing innocent people in name of Holi Jihad is war! (9/11 )
Killing school going children is what war is ! ( Quetta)
Killing people just because you can not recite some religious text is what war is ! (Dhaka)
Feeding Terror groups and militants while people fight against hunger and poverty is what war is!

To tell keepers of peace to die because some Jihad has more meaning to you is blasphemy of human values.
It is still an irony that such act of terror garner state support. My Pakistani friend tells me that occupying Kashmir will not have any good effect on condition of Pakistan. Even if it is non -existential idea , I presume things will only worsen for Kashmiris if they adopt terror  . Such terror camps needs to be neutralized and detonated.
Rather than considering it strike against Pakistan, it should be considered merely war against those who keeps agenda of killing people to justify there mere existence in complete isolation of humanity.

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